Fern Plant

MEET Emily

Emily Ager, CPM, IBCLC

Hi! I'm Emily.

I am a retired midwife and lactation consultant with 10 years of experience working with birthing and growing families, and founder of Fern Lactation.  My background in physiological birth, clinical lactation services and years of  personal breastfeeding experience have given me a unique, holistic approach when it comes to providing lactation support.

I am not a purist.

I know the rules and sometimes break them. My clinical knowledge and background allow me to provide great informed care, but it also includes a lot of humor, real talk, a TON of encouragement and solutions that make sense for YOU. 




My care is not a one-size-fits all. 

 Sometimes what you need is a rigid pumping plan and sometimes you need to process your birth experience because your mental health is just as important as your milk supply. Let's do both. 

I am on your team. 

I am not here to tell you what to do, fit you into a text-book shaped box or make you feel like you aren't trying hard enough. I have no agenda, your goals are my goals, you are the boss here.  

I am also a mother. 

Sleep deprivation, exhaustion, frustration, fear, elation, grief, physical pain, joy - are no strangers to me. I am also on this crazy journey of motherhood, I get how unpredictable and frustrating those cute little squishy babies can be. We are in this together my friend.  

In other news...

When I'm not sitting there crying or laughing with you, I love playing in the forest with my 2 little wilding boys, moving my body, making my Italian grandma's marinara sauce, hunting for sunshine or a good fireplace, horseback riding, and drinking buckets of really good black coffee. 


She/her pronouns