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Community groups


Melanin + Milk

Lactation Support Group for BIPOC Mamas

A safe and supportive space to get all your feels out about your baby feeding journey. Come talk or just listen. Sometimes it is just nice to know you're not alone. Lead by Whitney Scott.

Weekly at Fern Lactation 




Text "melanin" to (253) 448-3635 for more details and questions.

Peer Support for Babies In Their First Year

A safe space for all families with babies to connect and learn together with other parents.


2x Monthly at Fern Lactation

 Expecting parents welcome.

Baby Lounge

Wild Babies

Peer Support For Families with Mobile Babies

A fun, interactive space to socialize with other parents and let those mobile babies get their wiggles out. 


1x Monthly at Fern Lactation

Hosted by Shelby Jawer of

Calathea Postpartum 

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